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Clan Rulles

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Clan Rulles

Post  Apophis on Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:36 pm

I. Inside rulles:
1. The decisions in clan are made by the CL, Officers (keep drama away).
2. A clan member should respect all other clan members/alliance.
3. The person responsable for wars/alliances is CL, Officers or a clan member designated to do this task.
4. Full drops from RB/ClanParty go to CWH.
5. A clan member must log at every siege/CH siege. An absence must be reported on forum in advance.
6. All keymats for A/S weapons/armors will be dropped to CWH.
7. When logged ingame try to spend the least possible time restocking/learning skills, wondering in town and searching all shops, especially when others are waiting for you.
8. This is not a final nor complete list. Many things are intuitive and common sense based and thus feel free to ask if you don't allready know them.
II. Team Speak or Ventrilo:
1. TS/Ventrilo and forum are the main sources of communication in clan.
2. As soon as you log ingame u log in vent/ts also but especially during siege, mass pvp, clan party, every clan member must be on TS or Ventrilo. If can't speak due to various reasons( wake the cat, sleeping gf etc.) be on vent at least to listen.
3. When preparing to siege, conversations about any topics not related to siege are highly innapropiate. Speak only when asked to do so. If u can't add something positive, just shut up.

III. Outside rulles:
PvP - Always listen to the person who leads the party, don't do anything without orders.
- Do not use bsoe to escape wartags, only when heavily outnumbered or with karma.
- Never run away from wartags or a even fight.
- Remember that every action u do affects the entire clan.
PVE - Try to form constant partys that don't take 2 hours to make and last for 30 mins.
- Always listen the party leader.
- Don't be carebears.
- Try to help eatchother at farming or maintaining a spot.

IV.Drops Will be shared by the following criteria:
1. Amount of USEFULL time spent ingame.
2. Participation on Raids/Sieges/Mass Pvps.
3. Come to help at clan actions (farming, questing ect)
4. Camping Rb's.

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